Agile Working - bringing people, time, place and data together.

On average the desk occupancy in the office is only 45-50%. There are always a few empty desks from people who are on holiday, off sick, or who have left. Then there are full-time desks for part-time people, employees in meetings, working externally, from home. 

As far as average occupancy is concerned, you also need to look at the peaks. When is everyone in the office at the same time? Even then 100% occupancy won't be achieved, so space sharing seems a good option to consider.

When agile working and flexible working is discussed, instinctively the focus is on flexible hours, hot desking or home working. For most people, the idea of space sharing means "hot desking" and hot desking can have some drawbacks. Much as most of us might appreciate having our own personal territory at work, the business case for space sharing is usually overwhelming.

It is essential to understand the actual need for space for different roles, and to create an environment where people are happy to share space, confident in the knowledge that they will have the best space to get their work done and that they benefit from sharing office space just like their organisation does. 

This is where the iotspot Office Space Management System comes in. To be able to collect accurate data, it must benefit the office workers in planning their office space, checking in and connecting with their colleagues. iotspot makes agile working possible both for the office worker and the organisation.

Agile working is not new, but it is a “new way of working”. 

"Agile working is about bringing people, processes, connectivity and technology, time and place together to find the most appropriate and effective way of working to carry out a particular task. It is working within guidelines of the task but without boundaries of how you achieve it."

Agile working: Work wherever, whenever