Do You Want To Optimise Your Workspace?

Did you know that there’s a cost-effective, time-saving way to optimise your workspace? Read on. We have the ideal solution for you.

It’s no longer a big secret that most companies today attribute their success to an optimised workspace. Part of the reason why this trend is gaining popularity are the demands of the new generation of workers – Millennials and Gen Zers. Many are, however, a bit hesitant to adopt this new working style primarily because of its perceived cost implication.

The truth is you can still optimise your workspace without necessarily spending an arm and a leg. You may already have an idea of what it means for you and your business to have the ideal workspace. On one hand you feel the need to bring down your real estate costs, boost employee productivity, and increase your revenue. On the other hand, you are scared stiff on how much all that might cost the company.

The good news is that it can be done and without breaking the bank! Music to your ears, right? Even better news: you are just one step away from putting an end to unnecessary workspace expenses and enhancing your team’s productivity.

You probably don’t realise it, but an optimised workspace could be the edge your competition is riding on. Think about it. Optimising your workspace and how much you spend on real estate don’t have to be a tough balancing act.

Having said that, you are probably thinking: but what do I do when my business needs more employees but there is no more space?

Where do you get the additional space to add workstations, fittings, and other office equipment?

Will you have to rent more space?

Do you have the resources to expand?

If you find yourself having to deal with:

  • An increase in the number of employees within the same limited space

  • More staff, so you have to get more desks and chairs for the new employees

  • Needing more space for employees to move around comfortably without seeming cramped up

We Have the Solution

  • Adoption of the agile working environment so that the available space is utilised to the maximum without having to rent more space

  • Our iotspot app helps your employees seamlessly plan their workday. They can manage their flexible work environments depending on the task(s) at hand and their needs

So how do I get started?

Glad you asked!

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You Need to Optimise Your Workspace with an Agile Solution

Having satisfied employees is a must-have for modern businesses. Companies are embracing a humanity-focused employment approach.

The dynamic nature of the working environment has employers meeting the needs of employees to increase effectiveness, efficiency, job commitment, and productivity. Employee satisfaction ensures that once you have great talent, they remain loyal to your company. Employee turnover is expensive and can hamper your company’s growth.

Agile working has redefined the work landscape in many ways. The concept involves creating a productive work environment by making it flexible. The office has different work areas to ensure that staff get complete flexibility and freedom on when they want to work and from where.

Employees can seek out different spaces depending on the task at hand. The workspaces offer them a range of work settings for different activities like collaboration, meetings, creative tasks, private work, and concentration. Employees can switch workspaces when necessary.

Agile working allows employees to choose their work setting instead of having to work at the same desk every hour of every day. They make the choice depending on their needs and the type of work they are undertaking. Agile working connects people, processes, and technology.

Benefits of Agile Working Include:

  • Reducing real estate costs

  • Smart utilisation of workspace

  • Any expansion done is based on headcount

  • Improved sense of wellbeing for employees

  • Increased freedom for employees

  • Employees are empowered since they can work from different locations, at different times and in different ways.

  • Improved employees’ productivity and effectiveness

  • Easier to attract and retain talent

  • Increased innovation and collaboration

A research by Gallup found that 57 percent of millennials consider a balance between wellbeing and work-life balance very important. This is not only true for millennials. Every employee wants workplace flexibility. Agile working through iotspot is the solution for this.

The iotspot app can cost-effectively improve your employees’ work-life balance and, in turn, boost performance creating a win-win scenario for everyone.

Why Choose Us

Our expertise in optimising workspaces in and around the UK is unrivalled.

No one understands the importance of operating in an optimised workspace better than we do.

We fully understand the key aspects that drive a successful business -- people, time, place, and data.

Our solution ensures that all these four factors work in harmony and in an environment that helps your company grow.

The iotspot app makes this seamlessness a reality.

It is proof that you can optimise your office space and still keep your rental cost down.

This is how iotspot works:

  • You can easily see when a desk is available

  • Remotely book workspaces even when on the go

  • Guides you to a free desk

  • You can easily locate colleagues

  • You can get access to a cluster of free desks when you need to collaborate with your colleagues

  • It allows employees to share their location when they need to meet up after work

  • It also allows employees to choose a workstation based on their preferences or needs

With iotspot, your company can finally collect valuable data that shows you exactly how your workspaces are being used. This iotspot Occupancy Measurement System allows you to gain insights into how to plan, re-architecture, and re-consider office space options.

From the data, you can:

  • Identify which desks are most popular or frequently used - this will help you tell if the employees have grasped the agile working environment or if they prefer to work standing instead of sitting

  • Install sensors under meeting tables and desks to help discreetly collect data. This will enable you to determine how many meeting rooms you need and amount of space you need to accommodate employees available at work at a given time of the day

  • Create diverse spaces to allow employees to be productive and happy. Data to help you do this is collected anonymously and after every 10 minutes in every meeting space or workstation

The iotspot app helps with:

  • Reducing confusion so that employees always know when a certain desk is occupied

  • Eliminating blocked spaces by employees who are not using them

  • Reducing the space needed for your employees to thrive

  • Eliminating confusion and tensions between employees in terms of workplaces. They can pre-book their spaces before coming into the office

  • Accommodating employees who are highly mobile

  • Reduced time needed to find a space after getting into the office

We can go on and on about what an optimised workspace can do for your company but we believe that you’ve got the gist of this revolutionary concept.

So go on, give us a ring. Our specialised team is ready to come and help you make the switch.