Green means that that desk is free, blue is reserved and the red desk is occupied.

Green means that that desk is free, blue is reserved and the red desk is occupied.

Do You Want To Provide A Great User Experience?

Providing a great user experience is the single most cost-effective way to enhance productivity, foster collaboration, and improve staff wellbeing - all of which can be translated into ROI for your business.

An agile working environment provides employees with the flexibility and freedom to choose where and when they want to work. Organisations are now shifting focus to productivity by making their employees comfortable so that they can, in turn, help in achieving the company’s goals faster. The freedom to choose when and where you feel comfortable working creates an ideal environment that allows you to remain productive and creative.

You might not realise it, but this kind of freedom and environment brings with it a great return on investment. An agile working environment considers work an activity rather than the place employees go to perform their duties. Research shows that by 2020, over 70 percent of UK managers and organisations will have adopted flexible working. This is because they now understand the benefits of an agile working environment.

Providing a great user experience for your employees means that your company will:

  • Attract and retain talent

  • Benefit from improved productivity and motivation

  • Save on space

  • Reduce the cost of property or rent

  • Enhance teamwork and wellbeing

But even as companies continue to jump onto the agile working bandwagon, most of them are using it as a stand-alone solution.

Big mistake!

If your company has adopted an agile working environment, but is facing a myriad of challenges such as:

  • Failure by employees to find a space/desk when they need it

  • Employees have a hard time finding colleagues especially during collaborations

  • Confusion as to whether the conference room is booked or not

  • Territory disputes

  • Disgruntled employees

  • Teams having difficulty accessing each other if distributed across time zones

  • Distractions

We have the solution that makes all these problems go away.

It is cost-effective and the best part is that it will also provide a great user experience for your employees.

Agile Working + Right Technology = The Solution

The key to making agile working work for your organisation is to have a design-led implementation. Do not just design furniture and space, incorporate new technologies, too.

This way, your agile working environment will enable employees collaborate, get creative, become innovative, and grow the company’s bottom line.

Employees whose wellbeing and work environment has been looked after are a valuable asset to your company.

That’s why, if combined with an app like iotspot, agile working can boost your earnings significantly.

How Will Your Employees Benefit from iotspot

  • It is easier to locate a free desk, meeting or boardroom

  • Get directed to the free desk using Google Maps

  • Work freely and flexibly

  • Search for colleagues

  • Book spaces on the go

  • Share location so that your team knows where a meeting or collaboration is being held

  • Network by finding desks and convenient workspaces

  • Choose desks depending on the task at hand and preferences

  • Get a seamless agile working environment

What’s in it For Your Business

  • You save on rented space or bought real estate

  • You achieve total value of your property or rental space

  • You get complete workspace control since you will not be paying for unused space

  • More than 30 percent of your company’s workspace can be freed up to allow for more agile spaces

  • You get valuable insights into what’s working and what’s not through up to date data


Insightful data is provided by the office occupancy measurement system. This shows you how exactly space is being used. Data provided is timely as it is collected at 10-minute intervals from every workstation and collaboration space.

How Is This Information Useful To You

  • You can measure the occupancy of rooms and seats on a 24-hour basis

  • You can design the ideal workspaces for different needs

  • You can identify the most popular workspaces and use this data to create convenient workspaces

  • Employees can find workspaces without any hassle

Top Reasons to Use iotspot:

  • Your employees can find a workspace before they get to work

  • If they didn’t pre-book it, then the app can direct them to the next available spaces

  • Employees can find available spaces and reserve them remotely, through iotspot

  • Search for colleagues and even find workspaces where they can collaborate

  • Mark favorite workspaces

  • Plan and manage time effectively

  • Search for specific workspaces to suit employees’ needs

  • Get an overview of meeting rooms or workplaces before booking. The app offers an overview of the room and the availability depending on room floor using Google Maps. This ensures that all employees get the workspace that matches their activity and needs. It also ensures that the meeting room booked can fit the required number of employees without having to drag chairs and desks from other rooms.

  • There will be no more missed or delayed meetings since employees get notifications via messenger (WhatsApp or another option) whenever a meeting room is booked. The team leader books the room and sends messages to their team members

  • Employees can search for their colleagues and invite them to collaborate

  • Employees can decide if they want to be visible or not in the workplace. This ensures that someone looking for a creative or private area can work in peace without getting distracted.

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Why Choose Us

With proper implementation, agile working can help your company achieve its goals.

We believe that your employees deserve access to the right facilities and technologies that make their work easier.

We understand the importance of an agile working environment. We know it can empower your employees. More importantly, we know that empowered employees are happy, loyal employees who make great brand ambassadors and who boost the company’s bottom line.

That’s not all.

We also understand that creating an agile working environment that provides a great user experience shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

This is why we created iotspot.

The iotspot app is the efficient and affordable missing piece of the puzzle in your business growth plan. Get in touch with us today and let’s get you started right away.