How Does the iotspot App Work and What Can it Do for You?

Meet the app that takes agile working to a whole new level. Designed with your bottom line in mind.

Over time, the office set up has undergone a lot of transformations. Perhaps the most significant one comes from organisations increasingly adopting productivity-focused work environments.

Most companies have now realised that in today’s corporate world, work is not always done “at work”.

The best environment for creative and maximum output depends on factors like:

  • Access to information

  • Access to facilities and technology

  • Ability to collaborate with ease

The adoption of agile working environments enables people to be their best, nurtures their creativity, and increases their output. This is because agile working gives employees the flexibility and freedom to choose where they work from and when.

Agile working provides an environment where effective work doesn’t have to be done in a designated workstation.

The flexibility and freedom that comes with agile working ensures:

  • Productive and creative employees

  • Reduced overheads

  • Reduced real estate cost

  • Increased efficiency

  • Smart workplace utilisation

  • Optimisation of employee skills

  • Increased motivation and innovation

  • Attraction and retention of the best talent in the industry

  • Less work disruptions due to lateness and insecurity

  • Reduced parking costs

  • Reduced carbon footprint

Your typical agile space includes:

  • A collaboration space

  • A focus space

  • A phone calls space

  • An inspiration space

  • A lounge area

  • A meeting place

  • A concentration space

However, agile working on its own will not give you the results you expect and within the timeframe you need.

We understand that in today’s business environment you need turnkey solutions that can be integrated into your operations with minimal disruptions (if any) and at an affordable cost.

We also understand that you need to see results sooner rather than later.

So what we’ve done is take agile working a notch higher.

The iotspot app will help you get the best out of agile working.

That’s not all. It will also provide a great user experience, allow you to optimise your workspace, as well as enable you save on your real estate footprint.

Now, if that doesn’t get you excited, nothing will!

Going Agile with iotspot

An agile environment allows for a balance between open spaces and private spaces. Employees have the freedom to choose which space suits them best depending on the task at hand and whether it’s for a collaborative purpose or not.

With our iotspot app, you can now create an optimal and sustainable agile environment that ensures that:

  • The company smartly utilises every square foot of the office space

  • You attract and retain the best talent

  • The company reduces rental costs

  • You can charge for office usage through office sharing

  • You get insightful data to help with your space utilisation study. This will help you plan the space to better suit employee needs, understand what environment different employees are thriving on and how much time employees are spending at the different workspaces and in the office.

The iotspot app also helps employees:

  • Find and book workspaces with no hassle. Employees can find spaces that suit their needs and tasks at hand

  • Book spaces in advance or find a desk in a busy room

  • Book their workspace while on the go. No need for frantic phone calls to the receptionist or a colleague to hold the space for you

  • Easily find their colleagues for collaboration or for a meetup

  • Find meeting rooms with ease. The app offers employees an overview of the meeting room(s) and the floor it’s on. This way, you can tell if the room is ideal for the meeting.

  • Send meeting reminders

  • Employees who need a quiet workspace can choose to be invisible. This allows them to work without distractions.

For your team to perform like a well-oiled machine, this is what your agile working environment should provide:

  • Seamless booking: Employees do not have to wake up at the crack of dawn, navigate through rush hour traffic so that they can get to their favorite workstation before everyone else. They can book remotely and get directed to their workspace with ease using Google Maps.

  • Notifications when spaces become available: Rooms and desks are held for the employees after they book and if they fail to show up, these become available for other employees to use.

  • Real-time search: Employees no longer have to waste time searching for a free desk or ask colleagues if the space next to them is occupied or not.

  • Ideal work environment: Field studies have shown that 99 percent of employees complain of impaired concentration due to distractions in the office.

  • Designated spaces: Employees are happy to have spaces for different roles and this allows them to be creative and innovative.

  • Easy planning: The iotspot app helps employees plan their workday efficiently.

With iotspot, the days of empty workstations, disgruntled employees, absenteeism, lateness, high rental costs and huge property-related expenses are long gone.

Let’s save you some cash AND turn your office into a productivity haven!