Case Study Vodafone Paddington London

When introducing a completely new and innovative product to the market, to enlist the interest of one of the largest telecoms companies in the world and bring them on board as one of the first UK customers is a testament to just how good the iotspot desk and meeting room booking system is.

Agile working @Vodafone with #iotspot

Vodafone already operate an agile working environment for their offices – every member of the team has a laptop and a mobile and there are no landlines anywhere! Desks are unassigned and there are lots of different types of work settings that allow for a constantly changing and moving work structure.

The Group Property Team have invested in all kinds of modern technology to provide accurate and real-time data to help drive efficiencies within the office. Some very clever sensors within the ceiling can provide accurate and anonymous location of people within each floor but something more was required. Accurate real time information on desk status was looked for and the iotspot system fitted the bill.

The additional standard features that the system offers simply made it even better – how about the ability to search and locate your colleagues via your smartphone? What about searching for 4 available desks together so that you can set up a work group for the day? You need a silence desk to get a report finished, just tap that in the search function and off you go. And if you don’t know where it is, use the google maps inside functionality to guide you through the building. Just a few of the practical and simple functions that iotspot offers.

Vgreet, the virtual assistant by Vpod

Over the last 6-8 months iOtSpace and Vodafone have been working together to fine tune the system to meet the needs of Vodafone and that is the point – we have an off the shelf solution that we can tailor to specific company preferences very simply because of the software and our ability to upgrade and alter settings to suit.

User feedback has been very positive and that is even though over 190 staff have been sharing 52 workstations!

The system takes a complete data snap every 10 minutes and from this we have built up a very granular and accurate bank of usage data which is helping Vodafone to drive further efficiencies within their office footprints.

As we move with Vodafone from proof of concept to a full building installation of 1100 units the system will continue to adapt and include further functionality going forward.