iotspot is a smart office app that empowers, connects and assists employees in the modern, agile and activity based workplace.

The iotspot Office Occupancy Measurement system brings strategic value to the financial and property strategy teams

When half of the UK working population work in offices which represent about a third of all non-domestic property, the manner in which they are occupied is important from two conceptual perspectives: planning and management. When planning offices, the understanding of office occupancy will ensure that office space will match demand. Managing office occupancy ensures that the cost of office space is aligned with commercial priorities through the efficient occupation of that space.

  1. Save on real estate footprint thanks to accurate space usage analytics

  2. Optimise the workplace to the employees

  3. Provide A Great user experience

 Office space management

Office space management

iotspot provides accurate Office Occupancy data

The iotspot Occupancy Measurement system allows you to review and enhance the hospitality, productivity and economic efficiency of your office space. Infographics covering workspace utilisation, space preferences or co-worker look-ups, generate powerful insights. These insights help to plan cleaning, maintenance, re-architecture and re-consider space rental options.

Office Space Management