Finding the ideal workplace and team for the job.

Carrying out work in a modern smart office is not about owning a particular desk but having guaranteed access to the right kind of facility for getting the work done. This might be a desk, or a quiet workplace in a resource area, a training facility or a touchdown space. Agile working embraces both the physical and digital “workplace” in empowering and supporting people to work where, when and how they want.

workspace occupancy

iotspot is the ideal tool for people to plan their working day. iotspot is a workspace reservation solution to manage flexible workspace environments. The tool is based on a workspace device and an app. The iotspot device will show real-time availability per workspace. With the iotspace app you can occupy a workspace on the spot or book in advance from home. 

iotspot uses colours to show if workspaces are free (green), reserved (blue) or occupied (red). In the app on the phone it is also visible who is using what workspace. This way, workspaces and colleagues are visible again and this makes working with the app really enjoyable.

iotspot will reduce workspace uncertainty and increase workspace availability. Ultimately this will deliver the best value for the organisation.