How to Save on Real Estate Footprint with iotspot

Are your real estate expenses getting out of hand? Read on and find out how you can finally stop throwing money off the window!

Office space is often the second largest investment that a company makes. Unfortunately, it is often the most difficult resource to manage effectively.

Achieving 100% office occupancy is realistically never going to happen by design but when on average sub 50% office occupancy is the norm, it makes sense to look at becoming more efficient in how much office space we really need and how to design it in the best way to maximise efficiency .

real estate costs

Holidays, sick leaves, transfers, and the emergence of remote working mean that the desk occupancy in offices will typically be less than 50 percent at any given time.

Unused office space can only mean only one thing. You are wasting money.

Our companies are spending more than they should on maintenance, utilities, and property-related expenses.

Money that could be better used investing going in business growth.

This has to stop NOW!

It’s no wonder our numbers don’t seem to be adding up.

While the business seems to be flourishing on paper, would more cash allow us to kick-start that long overdue expansion or investment?

The good news is that there’s a painless and stress-free way of improving your company’s growth trajectory without increasing staff numbers and by reducing CRE spend.

It’s not only effective, but also affordable. So let’s get you started.

Your journey towards making huge savings on your workspace starts right now.

What Are the Secrets to Space Optimisation?

  • Secret No. 1: Ensure that your office space costs are aligned with your commercial priorities through the efficient occupation of that space

  • Secret No. 2: Adopt an activity based working (ABW) environment. A far more effective way of managing office space, by streamlining your internal processes. It also enables better interaction with people, promotes wellbeing, and reduces clutter.

Why Is Agile Working Important?

  • A recent study revealed that today’s employees want to work from any place at any time provided that they deliver results. Agile working makes this possible. Technically, agile working is not new. It’s just “a new way of working”. It provides greater flexibility in the workplace by allowing employees to choose where they want to work as long as they deliver.

  • Another study by Lancaster University’s Work Foundation revealed that more than 70 percent of UK offices will be agile by 2020.

  • These and many other statistics are putting pressure on companies to rethink their office space management strategies or risk being left behind.

  • Agile working also lets your employees use any available desk in office rather than being restricted to using only one. This breaks down he vertical silos within the organisation and improves communication and collaboration.

  • This means that workers get to use space on a need-to basis, eliminating the need for personal office space, which is most of the time underutilised.

  • iotspace is the app that takes agile working and activity based working to a whole new level. It enables employees to book their workspaces remotely, create workgroups, book meeting rooms and find colleagues whilst saving money on corporate real estate by improving office occupancy. So, that can go straight to the bottom line.

How to Save on Your Real Estate Footprint with iotspot

  • iotspot gives you accurate office space usage analytics, therefore helping you save on your real estate footprint. As our service is plug & play, we can help you determine your office occupancy almost instantly. We simply place and activate the iotspots and sensors. Then, your dashboard shows the results. It’s that easy!

  • This way, you can study your office occupancy for a 3-month period and facilitate the decision-making process.

  • iotspot gives you the opportunity to rent space based on actual office usage rather than physical office footprint.

  • The iotspot reservation app manages flexible office environments. The app saves on real estate footprint by providing real time office information on office space.

This way, the app reduces uncertainty and increases workspace availability.

How Does iotspot Work?

  • iotspot is based on a workspace device and an app. The device automatically updates data from an active office at 6-10 minutes intervals. You will always get real-time availability per workspace.

  • You can, therefore, occupy a workspace on the spot or book it in advance from home.

  • The app uses colours to communicate whether workspaces are free, occupied or reserved. For example, green means that the space is free, while red and blue show that it is occupied and reserved respectively.

Features and Specifications of the iotspot App

  • Find and book workspaces

  • Search for colleagues -- learn who is currently in the building

  • Privacy -- only share what you want to share

  • Independent internet connection (iOt)

  • Colour display by LEDs

  • Installation wizard and management portal for authorisation

  • 2nd line support by iOtSpace team.

Why Choose iotspot as Your Agile Working & Activity Based Working Solution

  • It Offers Absolute Privacy

We understand that you and your employees need privacy. With the iotspot privacy settings, you will always be in control of your visibility. You can decide whether you want to be visible or not at the workspace with just one click. The personal data on iotspot is also deleted at the end of every day: 23:59:59. We guarantee 100 percent security for your team.

  • It Allows You to Share Workspaces with no Hassle

Technology is about solutions. iotspot has been created with this in mind. We understand that your employees might need to share workspaces and start face-to-face collaborations. Reservations are possible through messaging apps like Messenger and WhatsApp.

iospot also has a menu option where you can choose to share multiple seats with your colleagues.

  • Inviting Guests Has Never Been this Easy

You may need to co-work with external teams from time to time. This is why iotspot has an option for a guest account. You can create a guest account by adding the email address of your guest and invite them to choose their workspace. Isn’t that amazing?

  • Employees Get to Create a Shortlist

You don’t have to interact with all your colleagues every time on iotspot. Our app enables your employees to create a shortlist of colleagues you want to interact with on a regular basis.

The list also enables you to search for colleagues in just one click. It can’t be simpler than this!

Saving on real estate cost doesn’t need to be a pain in the you-know-what. Done right and with the right tool, you will ultimately save your company time and most importantly, MONEY!